About Us

Who are we ?

TFD Industry

As TFD Industry, it has been serving in the auto industry sector for more than 30 years. Founded in 2005, it has adopted the principle of "honest trade" and serves globally in the wholesale material distribution for the automotive industry. As TFD INDUSTRY, we have combined years of experience in the automotive sector with the logistics sector and we are realizing the supply and production of products used in this sector. With the knowledge of our company over the years, TFD product group has become a global brand. Our service principles are our constant principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to provide professional service by always valuing quality.

Our Mission

  • Trades in accordance with the rules and standards,
  • To respond to the expectations of its customers in the best way,
  • Continuously improving its competencies with an optimum quality-price approach,
  • To take a place in the sector by realizing it with environmental and social responsibility awareness,
  • And for all these, being in constant innovation is among our main goals.

Our Vision

  • In the automotive industry, all kinds of spare parts - heavy vehicle sales and logistics services;
  • Strong trade name in international standards and being the first company that comes to mind,
  • We aim to increase the number of our branches in Turkey and the Middle East
  • In addition, to become one of the strongest and pioneering companies in Automotive Spare Parts, Heavy Equipment and Industrial Equipment Sector with "Quality Product", "Fast Logistics" and "Affordable Price" policies.

Our quality policy

  • To guarantee the continuity of customer satisfaction and to increase the satisfaction rate by meeting the needs of all our customers we reach.
  • By ensuring the participation of all our employees, to do all the work at the first time and on time every time,
  • To prepare the most honest, tolerant, respectful and devoted working environment with a team spirit of our employees for continuous training, development and improvement,
  • To work to ensure the continuity of the 'good quality product' principle we have established in the domestic and foreign markets,
  • To guarantee the production of "Safe Product" as well as good quality in the products and processes we produce,
  • To increase our production and product range capacity.